Jens Christian Kwella

“There is no tradition among guitarists to work systematically on elements such as tempo and rhythm, despite being one of the most important elements of jazz, rock and pop. Many guitarists spend years studying scales, voicings and licks, but think they don't need to focus on rhythm.

Many think that rhythm and groove are the responsibility of the drummer and bassist. But I believe this is wrong and that everyone in the group has to create swings.
I have created a series of exercises that systematically focus on rhythm and tempo.

It is possible that other guitarists are impressed by the technique and the voicings, however other musicians prefer to play with confident guitarists than swing, rather than one who knows many sophisticated tricks.
I would like the students to play with me to have fun together! "


Mr. Kwella graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark in 1997, where he currently works in guitar and pedagogy. He is very active as a performer, playing around 100 concerts a year.

In addition to teaching at the Royal Academy of Music, Kwella also teaches in the department of musicology and aesthetics at Aarhus University. As an ensemble teacher he is very interested in integrating the elements of tradition with the "personal" ones of the students, also having his students compose original pieces.