John Macaluso

“Progressive Rock & Creative Drumming” con John Macaluso e gli “UNION RADIO”: Giacomo Anselmi, Christian Pratofiorito, Frank Marino, Steph the Mechanic. Tecniche e suggerimenti per comporre e creare groove originali, in particolare in stile progressive-rock e metal.

Some excerpts from “United Sounds Of Separation - The Complete Book Of Drumming”, the didactic manual for drummers written by John Macaluso, will also be presented for the first time.

Followed by a performance with the UNION RADIO band, in a repertoire that includes songs from John's solo album and his old band ARK, as well as some songs recorded with the legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

Master class date: 8 FEBRUARY 2017
Location: Via Cimarra 19/B
Time: 18.00/20.00
Who: open to all