Marty Jane Robertson


Marti Jane Robertson, sound engineer with a career as a professional over thirty years, will explain to musicians how to get the best out of work in the recording studio by relating in the right way with the sound engineer: from the right attitude of respect and openness, to knowing how to communicate what you are talking about. needs and what you want to achieve as a musician.

Students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the sound characteristics of their instrument and / or their voice, acquiring a greater awareness of the expressive and artistic potential that can be achieved in the studio thanks to the synergy between sound engineer and musician. Marty Jane Robertson Master class.

“In my years of working as a sound engineer, I have noticed a strong distrust between the musician and the sound engineer, both in the live environment and in the recording studio. In my opinion, the main reason is the lack of knowledge of the problems of one professional towards the other and the presumption of both ("my job is more important", "without me, you are nobody" and so via), without taking into account that the latter applies as much to one as to the other when it comes to amplification or recording.

It is increasingly difficult to have the opportunity to follow the masters on the field and I think it is very important, today more than ever, to teach children all the notions, even the most basic, to give them a more solid preparation as musicians and future professionals " . (M. J Robertson)

Some topics that will be addressed during the master class:

  • Mix in headphones, what to ask the engineer
  • Mix in the monitors, what to ask the engineer
  • Know your instrument: Where does the sound come from? - The difference in sound between playing and listening - Awareness of the desired sound and its real feasibility, considering the context and skill of the musician
  • Know the frequencies that affect your instrument and that of other musicians in the studio
  • Terminology for communicating correctly in the recording studio
  • How to use the microphone to achieve the desired sound
  • What to bring to a recording session
  • What NOT to do in the studio (bring friends, chat in the direction, etc.).
  • Listening mode in the studio.

Participation is open to instrumentalists and singers.
Participation fee: € 20 for Saint Louis students; € 30 external
To participate, you must book by writing to