MUSICIAN IN THE DIGITAL AGE MUSICIAN IN THE DIGITAL AGE, mentality, tools and strategies to build a professional path in current music, enrollment
distribution by Massimo Bonelli

With the recent and now definitive transition of the music industry from the analog to the digital model, today it seems increasingly complicated to get noticed and find the key to affirming a new artistic project.

The digital revolution has completely changed the rules of the game and, very often, artists and professionals have not yet fully understood and metabolized the new operational dynamics of the sector while they continue to pursue strategic models that are no longer suited to face the difficult challenge facing themselves in the best possible way. puts it in front of anyone who wants to try to build a successful music career in the digital age.

Starting from the new scenario, from the theoretical and practical causes and effects of the digital revolution on the current music industry, Bonelli offers an innovative and in some ways revolutionary working method that also leverages key marketing concepts applied to music.

A collection of strategies and tips dedicated to aspiring artists on their way to success, suitable for emerging young people and also for more mature musicians who want to reshape their career to keep up with the times. The Musician in the digital age Massimo Bonelli, The Musician's Craft .


Credits: 0.5 CFA - 7 October 2021 at 5.00 pm - ONLINE MASTERCLASS

A teaser of the course "THE MUSICIAN IN THE DIGITAL AGE" coming to Saint Louis


1.1 - current music and the digital revolution that we pretend not to see
1.2 - music from oral transmission to streaming
1.3 - roles and main performers of the Italian music scene

2.1 - Dear musicians, welcome to the digital age
2.2 - How the digital age has changed the concept of success for a musician
2.3 - The musician and the new rules of the digital age

3 - THE OVERVIEW: your project, the reference scene, your audience
3.1 - The seven fixed stars of the current musician
3.2 - The reference scene of the current musician
3.3 - Find the right audience for your music

4.1 - Your music project is a startup
4.2 - Improve your musical project with the lean startup method
4.3 - The current musician and financial resources: how to make your music startup sustainable

5 - THE STRATEGY: tips and ideas for launching your next song
5.1 - Preparing a record release in the digital age: production
5.1 - Preparing a record release in the digital age: promotion
5.3 - Build the starter pack for the release of your song
5.4 - How to optimize the launch of a song in the digital age
5.5 - A strategic plan for your musical project
5.6 - From zero to one: the do it yourself of the current musician

6. THE SECRET WEAPON: marketing levers to enhance your project
6.1 - The secret weapons of the current musician: the brand positioning to enhance your identity
6.2 - the theory of archetypes to get to the heart of your audience
6.3 - Generate word of mouth about your music with viral marketing

7. THE PRACTICE: advice and opinions to orient oneself in current music
7.1 - The current musician and the production: do you need an artistic producer?
7.2 - The current musician and the frantic search for a record company
7.3 - The current musician and the editors: an accelerator for your career
7.4 - The current musician and live performances: instructions for use
7.5 - Manager: the director of your musical career
7.6 - Perceptual communication: a new way to promote your music
7.7 - How to choose the right distributor for your music

7.8 - We make order: editorial rights, related rights, private copying rights


Credits: 0.5 CFA - 7 October 2021 at 5.00 pm - ONLINE MASTERCLASS

Producer, editor, manager and music consultant, Massimo Bonelli founded e directs iCompany.

Since 2015 MASSIMO BONELLI is the artistic director and general organizer of the May Day Concert in Rome.
Passionate about marketing and digital communication, he is the administrator of IDM – Italy Digital Music (collector of services for artists and digital distributor) and the co-founder of Yeyè (experimental project for marketing and digital communication in the music field).
Since the mid-1990s he has also been a musician as well as an artistic and executive producer for numerous recording projects. He is the creator and producer of the TV format Music Warehouses aired on Rai 2, Rai 4 and Rai Radio 2 in 2021. He conceived and coordinates SIAE house, the structure produced by SIAE - in collaboration with iCompany and Rai Pubblicità - which is installed annually, a few meters from the Ariston Theater, during the Sanremo Festival.
He is the current organizer of the Fabrizio De André Award sponsored by the De André and Dori Ghezzi Foundation, with the artistic direction of Luisa Melis. In the summer of 2021 he was given the position of managing director of the Italia Music Lab Foundation which deals with the support and dissemination of new musical forms and trends throughout the country.
In 2020 he made the TV production of Tenco Award (broadcast on Rai 3) and oversaw the executive production of "La Notte della Taranta" (TV project for Rai 2) as well as the artistic direction of Let’s Play, the Rai Radio 2 and Rai Play program which reopened (post lockdown) live activities in the historic Rai headquarters in via Asiago in Rome.
In July 2020 he coordinated the musical part of DIOR Cruise 2021, the fashion show event for the world presentation of the new collection held in Lecce, in Piazza Duomo, with the musical direction of Maestro Paolo Buonvino. In 2019 he was involved in the executive production of the recording project "Faber Nostrum", the tribute album of the Italian indie to Fabrizio De André, produced by Sony Music on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of the singer-songwriter. At the end of 2019 he then started a consultancy relationship with Sony Music Italy for the artistic management of the Numero Uno label. He also collaborated with the Club Tenco (event “50 years without Luigi Tenco”), the Fwave of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra (Area Sanremo editions 2016 and 2017 and collateral events to the Festival editions 2017 and 2018) and with the Municipality of Sanremo for which he produced the events "Beyond the Lights - Tribute to Pepi Morgia" (2016) and "A stage for Amatrice" (2017). On February 19, 2020, ROI EDIZIONI published "Current music - How to build your musical career in the digital age", his first book


Credits: 0.5 CFA - 7 October 2021 at 5.00 pm - ONLINE MASTERCLASS