Masterclass di Justin Paterson

Visiting Professor, University of West London
FREE ENTRY, reservations required
1/3 of training credits (CFA) for participants

Saint Louis Drum programming has developed into the heart of many recording studio productions over the past 30 years. In this period of time, the technological opportunities at the service of creativity have multiplied in various directions, being used in contemporary professional practice and showing contrasting techniques, used both in the creation of human and shamelessly synthetic emulation.

During the seminar we will discuss many studio production techniques implemented in this area, from the dynamic processor to the more complex automation. The master will include numerous live demonstrations, covering a wide range of musical approaches and styles, from funk to swing to glitch. Although the basic concepts will be dealt with starting from level zero, the hybridity and variety of the theme can also inspire an expert on the subject, already skilled in practice.

Justin Paterson Bio

Justin Paterson is an academic lecturer, music producer and author. He is the Director of the Master in Advanced Music Technology of the London College of Music (University of West London). He has worked as a professional drummer, programmer and producer for 25 years. As an academic, his search for him is international in scope and he has recently developed a new music production format based on interactive playback. Justin is the author of the Drum Programming Handbook and co-director of the Innovation in Music conference series. Justin Paterson's lectures on Drum Programming have been regularly hosted by Audio Engineering Society Conventions in the U.S.A ..

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