Masterclass with Willie Peyote

Workshop with Willie Peyote, one of the most interesting and innovative artists of the Italian hip-hop scene.

Credits for academic courses: 1/2 CFA

Participation fees: €25 for Saint Louis students; € 35 for external public; free for students attending the ArtLab course

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WILLIE PEYOTE (Guglielmo Bruno, born in 1985) is a rapper from Turin, one of the most interesting and innovative artists of the Italian hip-hop scene. In addition to his work as soloist, Peyote is the voice of the funk band "Shui Project". Approaching rap in 2004, after some attempts with other musical genres, he founded the group "Sos Clique" with Kavah and Shula with whom he published several demos and an EP entitled "L'Erbavoglio" in 2008.

Following the dissolution of the group he embarked on a solo career making cynicism, originality and self-irony his cover brand "It's not my genre... factory", as is easily understood from the titles of the published records: "The Manual of the young nihilist" of 2011 and "It is not my gender, the human race" of 2013. The latter was reissued, in an extended version, in June 2014 for the record label ThisPlay Urban.

At the same time, the first official album of the funk group "Shui Project" also saw the light. For the realization of the album, entirely self-produced and published in 2014, Willie Peyote worked with a real band not only for the composition phase of the songs, but also for the live concert activity. The artist's lyrics are a mirror of today's society. With his captivating, ironic but at the same time denouncing songs, Willie Peyote immediately attracted the attention of the public and professionals. Songs like "TmVB", or "Tutti Mi Vuole Bene" and "Friggi le polpette nella merda (cit.)" have become real underground anthems that tell the paradoxes of our country in a light-hearted, sarcastic and funny way.

The artist is living a particularly happy moment: he won the award for best author in the "Genoa for you" competition, the largest Italian music portal Rockit has included him among the ten most interesting artists of the year and the video clip of the song " Glik ”(which refers to KamilWillie force Toro Glik, football captain of the Torino team) has received more than 230,000 views. In addition, Peyote was the first rapper to participate in VEVO DSCVR (DISCOVER), an English format dedicated to emerging music (he made people discover artists like Hozier) recently arrived in Italy.

Peyote presented a live version of the song "Dettagli (Details)", accompanied by Hyst on vocals, Paolo "De Angelo" Parpaglione of the Bluebeaters on saxophone and Frank Sativa, also producer of the piece, on beat. The video of "Dettagli" is the one, related to the format, with the highest number of views.

Finally, the artist's tour "Hai fatto quattro date e lo hai chiamato tour (You did four dates and called it a tour)", was a great success.
On April 28th, 2015 was made available, in free download on the official website of the artist, "Quattro San Simoni e un funerale", an EP containing five unpublished songs from which the single "Io non sono pari" (prod. Kavah).

On January 22nd, 2016 "Educazione Sabauda" was released, the album that marks the turning point of Willie Peyote: thanks to songs such as "L’eccezione", "Io non sono razzista ma", "C'era una vodka" and an intense live activity, the Turin artist sees an exponential growth in consensus and audience.
To close the successful cycle of the album Willie, in 2017, was a guest at Che Tempo Che Fa and concluded the tour with a double sold-out date at CAP10100 in Turin.

In May 2017 the single "I Cani" was released, which anticipates a new album scheduled for October. The promotion of the album "Educazione Sabauda" ended with the 2017 summer tour, which touched 30 Italian cities.