Paolo Buonvino Workshop

Paolo Buonvino, composer of the most important soundtracks of Italian cinema, will hold two intensive workshops for the students of the Master in Film Scoring of the Saint Louis.

Saturday 23 February, from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30

Meetings reserved for students of the 1st level Master in Film Music

Paolo Buonvino was born in Scordia (CT) in 1968. He graduated in piano at the “F. Cilea” in Reggio Calabria and studied Disciplines of Music at the University of Bologna. Initially Franco Battiato's musical assistant, he dedicated himself to the theater writing incidental music for various companies.

He composes "Francesco: the night, the dream, the dawn" (1995), a multimedia work for soprano, tenor, bass, reciting voices, orchestra, choir, computer and keyboards; “Epiklesis” (1996), mass for soprano, choir, orchestra, computer and keyboards. He began his activity as a composer of soundtracks with the television film "La Piovra 8" (1997, Rai) by Giacomo Battiato.

In 1998 he wrote the soundtrack for "Ecco Fatto" by Gabriele Muccino, with whom he worked the following year in "Come te nobody ever" and then again in 2001 in "L'ultimo Bacio" and in 2003 in "Ricordati di myself". He has also worked with the following directors: Michele Placido, Giovanni Veronesi, Paolo Virzi, Carlo Carlei, Carlo Verdone, Roberto Faenza, Dyane Kurys, Gianluca Tavarelli, Renzo Martinelli, Valerio Jalongo, Luciano Odorisio, Alberto Simone, Davide Marengo and others. For Antonello Grimaldi he composed the music for the film "Caos calmo" (2008) with Nanni Moretti.

In 1999 at the 56th international exhibition in Venice he was awarded the "Rota" prize (collateral prizes) for the music of "Come te nobody ever".
At the Festival International de Luchon (2002) he received the award for the best soundtrack with the film "Le jeune Casanova". In 2008 he received the "David di Donatello" and the "Nastro d'argento" for the soundtrack of the film "Caos calmo".
He has collaborations with Franco Battiato, Carmen Consoli, Patrizia Laquidara, Elisa, Negramaro, Dolores'O Riordan, Jovanotti and others. He was Artistic Director of the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania. Workshop with Paolo Buonvino composer.