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Pine Forastiere

Fifteen years of career behind with the acoustic guitar over the shoulder, nine albums as leader (of which five as solo artist) and several CD compilations, hundreds of concerts in the United States, Europe and Canada, dozens of full-page and web-based interviews and many radio and TV specials: Pino Forastiere, composer and guitarist from Basilicata (Roman by adoption) continues his musical journey on the path of technical and compositional innovation on the most popular instrument in the world which, in his hands, becomes a small orchestra.

Curious, restless, experimenter, lover of all great music (from baroque to rock), generous on stage and introverted in the day-by-day life, avid consumer of art, the first Italian guitarist to be produced by the american label, Candyrat Records. Today, Pino Forastiere produces himself and alongside the inseparable Martin D28 of 1957, he places a 16-string “LAB guitar”, a prototype built on his first acoustic guitar by the patient luthier, Davide Serracini.

Because it must be said, parenthetically, that after graduating from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory with a ten-string guitar, when he was still a young classical musician, Pino bought, for very little money, an old acoustic guitar Eko Chetro with a broken handle.

The classical guitar hasn't been part of his life for several years now, but the Eko is still there, reinvented and full of strings.