RIC NEALE creating the lyrics of a song

Master class a cura di Ric Neale, visiting professor dal Leeds College of Music

A workshop to analyze the creation of the text and to give students techniques and practical suggestions for songwriting.

▶ ️ Monday 11 March 2019
h 13:30-15:00
Saint Louis via baccina, 47

Free entry (Booking is required).

Credits for academic courses: 1/3 CFA

Ric Neale he is a musician and songwriter. In addition to publishing works as a soloist (in particular "All That Counts" of 2015, "Pencil" of 2016 and "Ric Neale Does Pet Sounds" of 2017 and "LULLABIES FOR PARENTS" of 2018, all live piano and voice) with whom he has toured far and wide, he has also written music for other art projects.

He worked as a songwriter, music director and performer on the sold out show "Dancing Bear" with Jamie Fletcher and Company at The Leeds Playhouse in Leeds and The Palace Theater in Manchester and, with his band The Housekeeping Society, wrote and performed on the show “Dancing With The Orange Dog” and composed “45RPM” for the art exhibition “Thud, Crackle, Pop” in collaboration with the visual artist Pete McKee, presented at the prestigious Festival No.6. Together with artist Rob Reed, he wrote the play "Never Worn" for the Wakefield Literature Festival in 2017.

Two songs written by Ric made the top ten of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2013 and he was invited to write a chapter in Andrew Dubber's book 'The 360 ​​Degree Deal'. He recently toured the UK to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds". Ric has lectured on the craft of songwriting for over ten years.