Sanjay Kansa Banik

Wednesday 28 February 2018
h 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Saint Louis Street of the grove, 106

Introductory workshop to Konnacol by Sanjay Kansa Banik, Indian percussionist who collaborated with Sergio Cammariere and the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra.In the Carnatic tradition, the classical musical style used in southern India, the art of vocalizing and improvising with the voice on the rhythms is called Konnakol (Bol Paran in Hindustan culture).

The percussionist, through this practice, is able to memorize extremely long and complex rhythmic cycles, real compositions which he will then be able to faithfully reproduce on the instrument, since the Konnakol uses the onomatopoeic syllables of the main Mridangam drum.

As when we talk to someone using the modulations of the voice to express our moods or to emphasize a word or a concept, in the same way we use the modulation of the voice to give a "melodic" sense to the vocalized syllables, so that the memorization results faster and more stable.

Konnacol can also be used in a Western context, in particular with percussive instruments such as Drums, Tambourine, Tar, Riq, Kanjira, Darbuka, Djambe, Cajon, Udu. Learning this method, traditional rhythmic figures and even improvisational schemes open new and interesting perspectives for the Western musician, according to the principle that "if you can sing, you can also play".


Tabla soloist, student of the masters Sri Goutam Dam and Sri Dulal Natto of the Gharana of Benares, Sanjay has an intense career of festivals and awards behind him. Recently, he obtained the title of best musician from the “All India Radio” of Calcutta, where he recorded many songs and participated in several broadcasts.

He currently lives in Rome and is part of the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio. Director Simone Mariani has made a documentary about him entitled "A journey on the tabla", a film awarded at several Film Festivals in Europe and India.