Sivan Arbel

After the success of last year, Sivan Arbel returns as a guest of Saint Louis College of Music for a new Masterclass entitled "The connection between the individual and the band as you present your own sound and story”.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2020

Credits for academic courses: 1/3 CFA

On April 16th, Sivan Arbel will hold some lessons, open to all, including external listeners, on these three topics:

  • “Feeling the odd meter” (h11:00 am-1:00 pm)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Improvise with what you have, using different dynamics and telling your story” (h 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Fusion – Introducing and explaining the different styles and music generes. I will demonstrate how we can use it to make our own style” (h 7:00 pm-8:00 pm) (1/3 CFA)

Participation fees for 1 class with Sivan Arbel:
25€ for Saint Louis' students; 35€ for external audience

Students can participate by writing to for booking, specifying the topic the students are interested in. The classes will hold a maximum of five students. It is possible to follow more than one class (for getting info about the participation fees write to

Participation fees for Master Class + 1 class with Sivan Arbel: 40€ for Saint Louis' students; 60€ for external audience

Sivan Arbel is an Israeli vocalist, band leader, composer and arranger, based in Brooklyn, NY. “Sivan” stands out for an infectious jazz-fusion style and a vibrant and powerful live. Born with a deep passion for music and dance, the "Sivan" style is a fresh mix that harmoniously blends its Israeli-Mediterranean-Middle Eastern roots with international rhythmic influences, a refined jazz signature language with scat arrangements and improvisations, in English and Hebrew, all seasoned with groove rhythms that accompany her dance movements on stage; each of his live performances pushes the public to dance and have fun, from the smallest clubs to festivals around the world, overcoming language barriers and cultural boundaries, thanks to an atmosphere that combines music, movement, dance, pleasure and fun, from The Republic.