Saint Louis hosts the artist Venerus for a master class in collaboration with "Frittura Creativa" by Serena Brancale.

"Do not try to give him a label or a definition: as soon as you think you have framed him, he will change shape and shake you up again" – Vanity Fair Italia

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Credits for academic courses: 1/2 CFA
Participation fees:
20€ for Saint Louis' students; 30€ external audience

"Andrea Venerus' path is the opposite of what normally happens to the boys of his generation" – Rolling Stone Italia

"How many times do we wonder why our pop sounds all the same and provincial? Venerus' music can be a solution." – Noisey

"From the orchestra to the styling, passing through lights and musical setlist, everything worked, everything was coherent and everything contributed to giving life to the magical atmosphere that we breathed for two hours thanks to Venerus." – I-D Italy

Andrea Venerus (1992)

Originally from San Siro, Milan; at the age of 18 he moved to London where, for 5 years, he deepened his musical knowledge and began working on personal projects, coming into contact with the musical scenes of Brixton and Notting Hill. After his time in England, the artist recorded a record in Rome and, fascinated by the atmosphere of the city, moved there.

Today, Venerus lives in Milan, the city from which on November 16th, 2018 he launched his first recording project, the EP "A che punto è la notte" published by AsianFake label and immediately acclaimed by critics and audiences. The latter gave to the debut of the artist several sold out in the first tour of dates.

Subsequently, the collaboration with the rapper Gemitaiz in the song "Senza di me" (feat. Venerus & Franco126), present in the QVC8 mixtape and for which the young artist worked on lyrics and vocals, has been certified double platinum. The last recording project of the Milanese musician dates back to the beginning of June, when he published the concept-EP "Love Anthem", four original songs (also published on vinyl) that created the right expectation to an album that, the artist promises, is coming out soon.

The most recent tour has once again shake up the interest of an audience now spread throughout the peninsula, as well as having given a beautiful sold out to the Magazzini Generali in Milan where, moreover, Venerus also sang the new songs to which he collaborated: "Che Ore Sono" (Gemitaiz & Madman) and "Abra" (DARRN).