Walter Ricci concert lesson

Concert lesson on the occasion of the presentation of the course "Giant Steps" by Walter Ricci. A research path that through the mainstream reaches the modern sounds of international pop.

First step - the Vocality: starting from one's roots, discover the personal vocal characteristics to find and consolidate one's musical personality.

Second Step – Careful Listening: songs and standards that determined the birth of pop.

Third Step – Concert Lesson: performance of an unreleased song or a cover; approach to accompaniment to a harmonic instrument.

Fourth Step – Scat and musicality: rhythmic accents, melodic modulations and variations on theme

In addition…

Focus on:

• Performance
• Interpretation

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Walter Ricci bio

Walter Ricci, born in 1989, grew up in a musical environment thanks to the stimuli coming from his musician father. He based his musical formation on listening to every kind of music but, from a very young age, it was jazz in all its forms that intrigued and excited him, from swing to bebop to contemporary jazz.

He dedicated himself to the study of the piano, immediately specializing in improvisation technique and in a few years, he made his way to the stages of the most coveted jazz clubs to perform with musicians already known and of renowned experience.

In 2006 he won the "Massimo Urbani National Award" and on that occasion he met the Turin trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, who often wanted him next to him. In 2009/10 he duets with internationally renowned artists, including Michael Bublè and Mario Biondi. The latter invites him to collaborate on his album and on his tour.

In 2015 he participated and reached the semifinals of the prestigious MONK COMPETITION in Los Angeles.
In September 2016 he participated in the international festival NEW WAVE CONTEST in Sochi, Russia, where he won first place.

Master Class by Robert Godin, founder of the Godin Guitar, on lutherie: how to choose the most suitable instrument for us, how to use it to the fullest and all the technical construction details for a targeted choice.

Detailed program of the Master class:
Choosing the wood: The most suitable cut and essences for the various parts of the instrument. The choice of solid or laminated wood.
The use of the different variety of wood according to the type of sound but also of musical genre ... and "level" of the musician playing/listening to the instrument.

Which kind of wood "age" and improve over time and which one does not. The different varnishing techniques, which are the most suitable in order not to impede the movement and vibration of the wood.

Internal structure of the instrument. Hints at the different types of catenatures according to the type and level of the instrument. The construction of the instrument from the most "technical" point of view: Short or long scale – Rosewood, Ebony or Maple keyboard.

The adjustment of the handle on the various instrument models. Obtain different results with more or less tension by adjusting the inclination. Positioning and adjusting pickups on electric guitars

Thursday, April 19th, 2018
h 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Saint Louis via urbana 49/a
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Credits for academic courses: 1/2 CFA