Workshop con Marek Choloniewski

Sound Space Kinetics, a project by Marek Choloniewski, visiting professor from the prestigious Akademia Muzyczna in Krakow, describes a concept of aesthetics in which the movement of people and objects describes a new model of active sound space, called Metainstrument.

The acoustic resonance of traditional instruments and its synthetic/virtual equivalents generate the vibration of a space, a significant element of the metainstrument.
In this way the listener/receiver becomes an active element of the vibrating kinetic space on a micro and macro scale.
Presentation and workshop examine selected forms of sound art, including media art, interactive art, land art, and selected phenomena used for artistic purposes: electromagnetic vibration, biofeedback, escape spaces, and many others.

Free entry (Booking is required).

Credits for academic courses: 1/3 CFA