Workshop with Maria Grazia Fontana

In recent decades we have witnessed an exponential evolution of vocal and instrumental techniques that have allowed singers and musicians to acquire more and more tools and information to improve their performance losing, however, the focus on what is the meaning and the ultimate goal of being an artist (also when the musician is included in an ensemble.)

More and more often we see extraordinary performances from a technical point of view but not fully committed because of a body full of emotional blocks, which tells discomfort or shame through dissonant movements with what is being "told" on stage.

The workshop "Performing Art" held by Maria Grazia Fontana aimes to give back to the students an "emotional" connection with what they are performing, involving the "body" as instrument and putting it back in its rightful place: to be a spokesperson for the emotional content.

The course will aim, through specific sensory, emotional exercises, improvisations on the text and on the root of the song, to reconnect and balance the body/voice instruments so that they are again in consonance and can get to tell with authenticity and spontaneity the meaning of the song.

In this way, the students will be less afraid of dogma and will acquire an autonomous ability to work the lyrics of a song, being able to always propose something original and finally acquire their own personal artistic language that will make them unique.

▶️ Workshop divided in 2 meetings:
Saturday 8th and 15th of June, 2019
h 10:00 am-1:00 pm & 2:00 pm-7:00 pm
Saint Louis via baccina, 47

Participation fees: free for Saint Louis' students; 90€ (without registration fee) for external audience

Credits for academic courses: 2 CFA

The workshop is a presentation of a new subject that will be available starting from the next academic year. Attendance at both meetings is recommended.

To participate, it is required to book.