Neo Souls Men & Women Collective di Ainè, Ainè Master class al Saint LouisNeo Souls Men & Women Collective di Ainè, da novembre al Saint Louis, aperte le selezioni per entrare a far parte del collettivo diretto da Ainé.

Neo Soul Men & Women Collective è un laboratorio improntato sul Soul contemporaneo e sul Neo Soul, passando per le fondamentali dell’Hip Hop e della contemporary music, aperto a musicisti, cantanti e rapper.

Neo Soul Men & Women Collective ha l’intento di creare un vero e proprio collettivo che ruoti attorno agli amanti di questo genere.
Vocal technique and the study of various instruments, the study of original and unreleased songs, songwriting, live performance, and vocal arrangement will be perfected and worked on among the musicians during various performances.

Neo Souls Men & Women Collective le audizioni per entrare a far parte dei laboratori di Aine, will take place on Friday 18 November at 15:00. For the audition it will be necessary to prepare the following passages:

– “Since you’ve been gone” di Elijah Fox, Ateller
– “Voodoo” di Patrick Paige II

To apply for the auditions and participate in the workshops it is NECESSARY to fill out the form below

Applications will be open until all available seats are filled. A waiting list for new class openings will eventually follow.

Choose the day and time of the Laboratory that is congruent with your academic and extra-academic commitments

- Tuesday h18: 10 - 20:10 starting from Tuesday 22 November
- Wednesday h19: 00 - 21:00 starting from Wednesday 7 December
- Friday 5.30pm - 7.30pm starting from Friday November 25th