Artist on stage with Maria Grazia Fontana

Artist on stage, intensive workshop with Maria Grazia Fontana at Saint Louis.

Intensive course of 4 weekly meetings, in June 2022, to acquire a greater awareness of one's own body during live performances .

We have always admired the Italian and international reknown musicians for their expressive completeness on stage, often delegating the success of their performance to the instrumental preparation alone (licit and dutiful). We have at our disposal another very important tool that we often forget: the body!
Even the body is an instrument that, for no other reason, attached to us, follows our moods and transfers them to the public with a power sometimes superior even to technical skill! And that's how, on stage: looks, attitudes, posture, movements, modesty, retrothoughts that tell discomforts of various kinds, emotions that strongly dominate the relaxation that is instead necessary to convey the true essence of the song and communicate with the audience, emerge confidently.
This course aims to allow the students to acquire an awareness of their "body" tool and free it from any kind of blockage, discomfort, shame, inadequacy, shyness ... all elements that row against a performance worthy of a stage!” (Maria Grazia Fontana)

Intensive course of 4 weekly meetings (16 hours total), on Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, starting from Thursday, 6th of June, 2022

To participate, sign up through your student area, "electives" section, by clicking on the "go to class" button or write to

"Artist on stage" credits for academic courses: 2 CFA