Music returns live with the first two appointments of a long summer of concerts. It begins on 11 June and 16 June with the All Night Combo and the Soul Train R-Evolution – Special Guest Michele Papadia on the stage of the Casa del Jazz.

Venerdì 11 giugno ore. 21:00
All Night Combo

"All Night Combo", the annual event returns during which the orchestras signed by Saint Louis will perform, conducted by Antonio Solimene.

On the stage of the Casa del Jazz two orchestral formations:

Little Combo_ young, light, dynamic and in style training with the mission of promoting new talents

Silvia Olivier - softly
Veronica Dito - voice
Giuseppe Scrima - trumpet
Leonardo Piga - trumpet
Ciro Serrapica - sax
Niccolò Mei - guitar
Francesco Meacci - guitar
Emanuele Macculi - bass
Alberto Maria colletta - drums

Medium Combo_ all the energy of a Big Band ... in pocket format!

Claudia Tagliacozzo - plan
Alessio Nardone - keyboards
Sara Sbaragli - voice
Marco Murrone - voice
Giuseppe Scrima - trumpet
Leonardo Piga - trumpet
Daniel Ventura - sax
Lorenzo Corai - guitars
Alessandro Recanati - guitars
Paolo Evangelisti - bass
Sergio Mazzini - drums

Songs from the American pop repertoire with arrangements specially created by the students of the II Level Academic Course in Jazz Composition and Arrangement of the Saint Louis: Valentina Ramunno, Marco Bonelli, Pier Sante Falconi, Andrea Ceccarelli.

Mercoledì 16 giugno 2021 ore 21.00
Dreaming Soul & Soul Train R-Evolution
Special Guest Michele Papadia

Evening dedicated to Soul and Black Music featuring two ensembles led by Michele Papadia, special guest of the concert at the Casa del Jazz

Dreaming Soul”

Ensemble led by keyboardist and hammondist Michele Papadia who offers a repertoire with strong R&B sounds: from Erikah Badu to Rachelle Ferrelle, from D'Angelo to Ledisi, from Hiatus Kaiyote and Frank McComb. A peculiarity of the group is the use of synths and live live electronics to recreate the atmosphere of contemporary Soul on stage and express all the explosive energy of black music to its maximum potential.

Michele Papadia, conductor and piano

Camilla Villani - voice
Noelle Quintili - You
Diego Di Ruscio - guitar
Emanuele Eleuteri - bass
Alessandro Anselmi - drums

“Soul Train R-Evolution”

From the idea of ​​Soul Train, a famous American musical program born in '71, an orchestra / ensemble of about 20 elements is born whose repertoire is focused on Black Music in its broadest sense, and where the watchwords are Groove and Feeling!
The various live performances of the ensemble often involve international guests and representative and leading Italian artists of this fascinating musical world.

Michele Papadia, conductor and piano

Rachele Billotti, Francesca Pugliese, Valentina Michelino, Angela Radoccia, Andrea Stocchino, Domenico Faramondi VOICES
Gioele Pizzuti - organ
Luca Bellanova - guitar
Alessio Lima - bass
Simone Lanzillotti - drums
Vincenzo Lato - percussion

Casa del Jazz
Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55

Admission € 10; reduced € 5 for Saint Louis students

ore. 21:00