Highly specialized Jazz courses

Highly specialized Jazz courses in the new Saint Louis headquarters in Milan to deepen technique, improvisation and interplay, playing alongside established, renowned jazz musicians such as Rosario Giuliani, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Dado Moroni, Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bagnoli, Bebo Ferra and Cristina Zavalloni,.

Starting from January 2024, Saint Louis will inaugurate its new headquarters in Milan - the building The Stilo of the Bodio Center, close to the lively neighborhoods of Bovisa and Isola, a creative hub within a redevelopment process of the entire surrounding area - with intensive jazz courses, dating full-immersion of a whole day, with a fortnightly frequency, which will give the opportunity to study and play alongside some of the most important Italian jazz musicians and perfect themselves in ensemble music, in improvisation on one's own instrument and in ensemble, in playing in a trio or deepen the technique in the jazz piano and voice duo.

For further information, contact the Saint Louis office in Milan by writing to: fahimeh@slmc.it

The highly specialized jazz courses activated in Milan are:

Cristina Zavalloni jazz-duo

Jazz Duo with Cristina Zavalloni and Dado Moroni

How to approach the creation of a piano and voice duo, with Dado Moroni and Cristina Zavalloni.
The duo is a very intimate, naked dimension. When it works, it's because a certain alchemy is created. In the piano and voice duo, very popular in both jazz and classical music, the pianist plays a great role: he accompanies, becomes an imaginary orchestra and at the same time enjoys space and freedom. A sensitive pianist can help a voice enormously by breathing with it, listening to its way of phrasing in rubbish, supporting it with voicing in the most delicate intervals, modulating its sound according to the expressive needs of the piece, creating a compact texture in rhythmically pressing moments. . It's what you call fine work and it's done together.

Highly specialized Jazz courses


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Jazz Trio with Dado Moroni, Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bagnoli

Playing in a trio with the great musicians who made the history of Italian jazz: Dado Moroni, Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bagnoli. Learning effective interpretative slang, which every jazz musician must know how to use, is the result of both rigorous academic study and the experience acquired in the practice of interplay and improvisation. Flanked by the three musicians, we will embark on a journey through the history of Jazz, combining rigor and creativity, technique and experimentation, analysis and instinct, to give shape to the creativity and personality of each performer.

Jazz Impro with Rosario Giuliani

Starting from the study of thematic improvisation as the starting point of a solo, the student, under the guidance of Rosario Giuliani, he will undertake an educational path that will give him full mastery in the use of extemporaneous phrasing as an expression of his own thoughts and emotions. How to improve your study method, learning to always create new and stimulating exercises, to acquire full mastery of instrumental techniques: use of major and minor melodic scales and their respective modes, full tone and diminished scales; how to use pairs of triads, develop ideas rhythmically and raise your artistic level.

jazz impro-giuliani


Jazz Ensemble with Rosario Giuliani

The saxophonist Rosario Giuliani, as both artistic director and musician member of the band, will guide in the specific study of the jazz language, to provide all the useful tools to fully and consciously express one's creative potential by playing in an ensemble, with a particular attention towards in-depth study of interplay and polymetry: how to accompany a soloist, finding a group sound to create the right expressive intensity, not just technical, avoiding the traps of superficiality.

Jazz Ensemble with Ramberto Ciammarughi

Highly specialized jazz ensemble under the guidance of the pianist Ramberto Ciammarughi, as both artistic director and musician member of the band. The objective of the laboratory is to perfect each musician's performance to the maximum, reaching high-level standards. The repertoire ranges from traditional jazz standards to unreleased songs, with original arrangements and large spaces dedicated to improvisation and interplay, developing the ability to interact within a group, addressing all possible problems arising from the shared study of a repertoire, with particular attention to one's role within the band.


Jazz Trio with Bebo Ferra Furio Di Castri Stefano Bagnoli

Creative Guitar Trio with Bebo Ferra, Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bagnoli

The jazz trio with guitar has a solid history behind it, from Jim Hall's trio to Joe Pass's trio up to Pat Metheny and John Scofield. Through the analysis and execution of compositions of gradual difficulty, led by an exceptional trio - Bebo Ferra on guitar, Furio Di Castri on double bass, Stefano Bagnoli on drums - the problems linked to the rhythmic and dynamic aspect, to the interplay, to the development of solo parts and harmony, in a formation in which the guitar is at the same time a solo instrument and an instrument responsible for managing harmony.