Highly specialized Pop-Rock courses

Highly specialized Pop-Rock courses in the new Saint Louis headquarters in Milan.

Starting from January 2024, Saint Louis will inaugurate its new headquarters in Milan - the building The Stilo of the Bodio Center, close to the lively neighborhoods of Bovisa and Isola, a creative hub within a redevelopment process of the entire surrounding area - with intensive Pop-Rock stylistic improvement courses.

Meetings full-immersion of a whole day, taking place fortnightly, which will give the opportunity to study and play alongside some of the most important Italian musicians and perfect oneself in one's own instrument and in music together.

For further information, contact the Saint Louis office in Milan by writing to: fahimeh@slmc.it

The highly specialized Pop-Rock courses activated in the new Saint Louis headquarters in Milan are:

Course presentation masterclass in Milan

The Art of Trio with Lorenzo Feliciati, Luca Mantovanelli, Elio Rivagli

Led by teachers Lorenzo Feliciati, Luca Mantovanelli and Elio Rivagli, the students will specialize in the performance of songs, both original and covers, in a rock trio: guitar, bass and drums. You will have the opportunity to perfect your performance as much as possible by playing with the teachers themselves and with the other students. At the end of the meetings, the repertoire will be taken to the recording studio for mixing the songs performed during the course.

Highly specialized Pop-Rock courses


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DRUM 'N' BASS with Lorenzo Feliciati and Daniele Chiantese

Highly specialized laboratory intended for bassists and drummers, aimed at perfecting their aptitude for section work and management of technical and interpretative practices on stage and in the recording studio. Search for the appropriate sound and pronunciation, relationship with the beat and the bearing, capacity for creative interaction, analysis and internalization of the forms, are the primary aspects on which the teachers Lorenzo Feliciati and Daniele Chiantese they focus the work.
The course has a multi-stylistic matrix and looks at the analysis of languages ​​as the main pretext to frame the characteristics and dynamics of the joint dialectic that is exercised between bassist and drummer in the performance of a song.

STUDIO GUITAR con Davide Aru

The course by Davide Aru aims to stimulate the guitarist's creativity, in a context of realistic simulation of work in the recording studio, with the aim of making him autonomous in the production of the sound of his guitars, and more. He will work on published songs, taken from the most current repertoire of Italian, Spanish and South American artists, together with the teacher, who will act as producer. The course aims to stimulate the musician to interact with the piece, trying to play with a more total and less "egocentric" vision of his instrument, without ever neglecting the role of instrumentalist.



The guitar becomes an orchestra with Maurizio Colonna

The classical technique in the world of Pop and Fusion, edited by Maurizio Colonna. When we play the individual parts of a pop arrangement with the guitar we enter a unique sound world. When a polyphonic synthesis is created with the guitar, in which in addition to the theme and harmonic parts of a pop song the groove of the rhythm section is reproduced, the guitar becomes an orchestra. The aim of the course is to explore this guitar dimension, in which the use of classical technique is functional to understanding the topics covered.

Frequency: Monthly meetings, each masterclass is dedicated to a specific topic, so it is also possible to sign up for a single meeting.

The other rock guitar with Gianni Rojatti

From Punk style to Reggae, passing through Alternative/Grunge and Post Rock, through the creative use of effects: from a decorative to a structural element of the sound. During the course, under the guidance of Gianni Rojatti, participants will immerse themselves in a journey through the most iconic musical genres, learning how the guitar has been a driving force of artistic expression. The course shows how sound effects, from simple decorative elements, have transformed over time into structural components of sound, adding depth and emotion to performances.

Another rock guitar


The keyboard player of the third millennium with Alberto Tafuri

A famous and eccentric singer, a refined arranger, a visionary producer, an emerging band. Here are your next clients, or if you prefer, your next travel companions. They will ask you to dare and not exaggerate at the same time, to be creative but respect the writing, or more simply they will ask you to 'play it a little less bluesy', to 'don't put too many notes', or to 'do something like Xxx' . And you have to be ready!

PLAY THE SOUND: every sound produced by a specific instrument has music within it, learn to find it!
PRODUCE YOUR OWN SCORE: your score has a unique place in the arrangement, find out where it is!
FIND YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: make your way of playing unique, taking inspiration from the great Pop/Rock keyboardists and shaping your style!

For more information contact: info@slmc.it