Saint Louis Open Day

Open Day at Saint Louis, to get to know the courses offered by the first private institution in Italy authorized by Miur to issue academic degrees of I and II level in Jazz and Popular Music, Song-writing, Applied music, Electronic music, Tecnico del Suono, Composition and film music, Jazz composition and arrangement.

During the days dedicated to the Open Day it will be possible to participate, for free, in orientation meetings, workshops, demonstrative performances of singing, instrument, electronic music, sound engineering, composition, songwriting and also will be possible to test one's level of preparation regarding singing and instrument, receiving advice and indications on the work to be done in view of the admission tests to the courses of the following academic year.

The department coordinators and Saint Louis staff will be available for orientation activities and information relating to the wide range of training courses, guiding the discovery of the structure, the numerous artistic activities and possible work and professional outlets, while the heads of the International Office will illustrate the opportunities for training abroad both in Erasmus and with internships.

The Open Days of all the Departments are organized twice a year, in the months of February and April / May.

Events are planned both in presence, in the rooms of Saint Louis buildings and also web meetings.

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Saint Louis organizes orientation days and specific educational courses for classes and / or groups of students from high schools and technical institutes throughout the academic year. Find out here how to organize an orientation day exclusively dedicated to your Institute.