Open Day al Saint Louis

Come and discover up close the courses offered by the first private institution in Italy authorized by the MUR to issue I and II level academic qualifications in Jazz and Popular Music, song-writing, Composition and Applied Music, Electronic Music, Sound Technician, Composition and film music, Classical music (classical guitar).

During the days dedicated to the Open Day it will be possible to participate, for free, in orientation meetings, workshops, demonstrative performances of of singing, instrument, electronic music, sound engineer, composition, song-writing and test your level of preparation regarding singing and instrument, receiving advice in anticipation of the admission tests.

Upcoming Open Days in presence

April 23, 2024 headquarters of Roma, courses in electronic music, sound engineering, composition and applied music, songwriting;

April 24, 2024 headquarters of Roma, corsi di Jazz & Pop; presentazione corsi accademici di Chitarra classica

4 maggio headquarters of Milano, courses in electronic music, sound technician (9.30am – 3.20pm), applied music (10.30am – 3.20pm).

Upcoming Online Open Days Only for International Students

Continue to follow Saint Louis College of Music on all channels to stay updated on the next dates of the open day dedicated to international students!

Department coordinators and Saint Louis staff will be available for orientation and information activities regarding the wide range of training offerings. Future students will be able to discover the structure, the numerous artistic activities and the work and professional opportunities. Furthermore, the managers of the International Office will present the possibilities for training abroad, both through Erasmus+ and through training internships.


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Playings is not game

Since 1976, Saint Louis has been one of the most renowned musical educational institutions of excellence in Europe, with over 1,800 students every year from every country. It boasts a stable teaching staff made up of 120 nationally renowned teachers, directed since 1998 by Maestro Stefano Mastruzzi.

Saint Louis is the first private institution authorized by the Ministry of Education to issue Level I (Bachelor) and II (Master) Academic Diplomas (equivalent to a Degree in): Jazz / Popular Music / Electronic Music / Sound Engineer / Composition and Film Scoring / Applied Music / Classical Music (classical guitar)

SAINT LOUIS COLLEGE OF MUSIC: the first and only Institution of Higher Artistic Musical Education in Italy authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research to issue I and II level academic diplomas, equivalent to a specialist master's degree.