saint louis college of music milan headquarters

The Saint Louis opens in Milan

Il Saint Louis inaugura una nuova sede decentrata a Milano, aprendo gradualmente tutti i 5 dipartimenti attivi presso la sede di Roma, il Dipartimento di Jazz, Popular Music, Musica elettronica, Tecnico del suono e Composizione & Musica applicata.

La sede si trova in Piazzale Lugano, all’interno di un grande complesso immobiliare in cui operano anche la Scuola Politecnica di Design e la RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, un polo multifunzionale dedicato alle professioni artistiche.

The preliminary investigations for the accreditation of the first level academic courses have already begun. The teaching staff will be largely made up of professors who have already been active for over twenty years in the Rome office and of professional professors recruited among the most renowned in Northern Italy.

In the new headquarters in Milan there is a recording studio dedicated to teaching sound engineering courses and for the production of original projects by Jazz and Pop students, a room dedicated to electronic music and IT music production with independent workstations for each student, 5 multifunction rooms for studying the instrument (bass, drums, guitar, double bass, piano, sax), singing, ensemble music and rhythm section, a great hall dedicated to Master Classes, events, presentations, seminars.

There is a library area reserved for students, to deepen and organize themselves into study groups.
For the a.y. 2023/24 specialization courses and the pre-academic course of Voice and electronic music will be activated
Starting from the a.y. 2024/25 the pre-academic courses of all departments will be activated.
The inauguration of the new headquarters is scheduled for the end of October 2023, the start of the aforementioned courses is scheduled for November 2023.