The concerts organized by Saint Louis at Soho House begin. From January to July a rich calendar of live events dedicated to jazz.

All concerts are free for Soho House members and start at 10pm.

This is the concert program for January:


Martina Castaldo – vocals
Marco Palmisano – piano

Martina Castaldo is a singer and composer of Neapolitan origins who moved to Rome for several years. In the capital she works in the field of teaching and live music.
He obtained a diploma in jazz singing at the Avellino conservatory, under the guidance of maestro Maria Pia De Vito. She is currently about to complete her specialization in jazz singing at the Saint Louis College Of Music, followed by maestro Elisabetta Antonini.
He spent the last year in Barcelona to perfect himself and expand his knowledge in the musical field, integrating different sounds with his Neapolitan roots.
She is interested in the jazz avant-garde but her musical education lies in tradition.
Currently, in addition to studying, she is focused on working on her first solo album.


Veronica Dito - voice
Nacho Cantero – guitar

Veronica Dito is a singer born and raised in Verbicaro, a town in Southern Italy. She cultivated a passion for music from an early age, under the influence of her father, a lover of the greatest Italian singer-songwriters, and she began playing in the local band at the age of 10 with the alto sax.
She took part in festivals and competitions, always winning the podium, until she met a producer and music teacher who took her around Italy for important national and international contests, such as the "Video Festival Live". After numerous experiences as a guest (atelier fashion shows and Gerardo Sacco) and after participating in the cast of (2018). It is here that she meets other producers who allow her to record her first original song and with them she sings in two of the most famous national competitions: Canto Italiano (second and third place) and Area Sanremo, reaching the penultimate phase of the selection. .
After all these experiences, he recorded some choirs for a Netflix Christmas film and changed his concept of music a bit: from 2020 he began performing live acoustically and in groups in various bars in Rome, moving to various countries in the summer of Northern and Southern Italy (Tuscany and Calabria). She currently continues her studies and work around Rome, being part of an acoustic duo and a gospel choir, Backing Vocals.

January 23 – NE MO DUO

Marta Neri – vocals
Rosario Moricca - guitar

The NeMo duo is made up of Marta Neri on vocals and Rosario Moricca on guitar. The duo's intent is to transform the way of playing in a reduced formation that traditionally comes from the jazz field, making it a multi-level music, where the colors of the guitar and the voice simply transcend a text and a round of chords to merge into a colorful and multidimensional counterpoint. The duo offers a highly refined repertoire taken from standards and original jazz and from MPB, Brazilian popular music.


Martha Deribe – you
Simone Maggio – piano

The duo presents a repertoire that draws mainly from traditional and modern jazz songs, seeking a unique and authentic voice in their interpretation. The intention is to lead the listener on an emotional journey through a sound and narrative plot that is always new with each interpretation.