Support and welcome for Ukrainian music students

Saint Louis launches an initiative to welcome Ukrainian music students who want to continue their studies in Rome, temporarily and for free, starting from April and until the end of the current academic year (June 2022).

The following places are available:

- 4 students for the Jazz Department
– 2 per Department of Pop-rock and Songwriting
- 2 for the Electronic Music Department
- 2 students al Composition and Applied Music Department

The students will be included in the course of the most similar level to the one attended in their institute of origin.

The courses are offered free of charge as regards the tuition, but at the moment there are no funds available for daily sustenance (expenses for accommodation, meals, transport, etc.) which are therefore borne by the student.

Furthermore, Saint Louis does not have student residences and therefore cannot guarantee accommodation, although it is activating a network of solidarity between the families of registered students and is in contact with some associations that deal with hospitality in Rome.

Support and welcome for Ukrainian music students inquiries should be sent by mail to , or by filling out the following form, specifying instrument and musical genre, year and type of course (Bachelor or Master), Institute of origin, personal data and contact details (email and telephone) and if possible a link to a video performance.


Saint Louis also invites its students and their families who have the opportunity and want to make their own contribution, to offer hospitality to Ukrainian students during their temporary stay in Rome.

In this case, send an email to specifying your personal data, the type of accommodation available (single room, shared, sofa bed or other), number of people living together and as many details as possible that can be useful to the organization.

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