Saint Louis produces and supports several orchestral ensembles and large free-attendance ensembles for Saint Louis students each year.
Orchestras are promoted in national clubs and festivals and on the European Conservatoires circuit, as for the Italian Jazz on the Road project.

LISTENEW ENSEMBLE directed by Paolo Damiani
The art of improvisation, between feeling and doing. An innovative ensemble conceived and directed by Paolo Damiani supported by Saint Louis, with concerts in Festivals and Theaters, chironomic direction, improvisation inside and outside the box, sound painting.

BIG BAND conducted by Antonio Solimene
The Saint Louis Big Band conducted by Antonio Solimene is an orchestral formation that fully respects the classical structure of the big band namely: 4 Trumpets, 5 Saxes, Trombones, Rhythm section, 6 vocalists.

SOUL TRAIN ORCHESTRA directed by Michele Papadia
An orchestra/ensemble sprung from the idea of SOUL TRAIN, a famous American music program born in '71. About 20 elements whose repertoire is focused on 'BLACK MUSIC' in its most lame sense.

I LOVE PIZZA directed by Serena Brancale
Original project that aims to create a totally electronic orchestra. Rhythmics played only by keyboardists/synths players, programmers and electronic drummers!

LATIN LOUIS COMBO directed by Natalio Mangalavite
Combo dedicated to the free world of Latin-jazz contamination. A large ensemble consisting of guitarists, singers, keyboardists, bass players, percussionists and horns. At the piano, Natalio Mangalavite himself.

POP ORCHESTRA conducted by Vincenzo Presta
Ensemble made of 30 musicians conducted by Vincenzo Presta, the Saint Louis Pop Orchestra rereads the tradition of Italian and international POP music, with original arrangements curated by the teacher and the best Saint Louis students.

COMBO conducted by Antonio Solimene
A young, light, dynamic formation perfectly in line with the mission of promoting new talents, the Saint Louis Combo is a slender ensemble, composed of voices, rhythmic (piano, guitar, bass, drums), 6 horns – the beating heart of the group – and all the energy of a Big Band, in pocket format!