PCTO Orientation and Pathways at Saint Louis

Pathways to the acquisition of Transversal and Orientation Skills (PCTO), which characterize the educational offerings of secondary schools, fit perfectly with Saint Louis' intention to promote artistic-musical education. Delineating itself as coursesalongside scholastic instruction and orientation, the proposed programs have as their focus the in-depth study of the functions and roles of the main professional figures in the music industry and as their purpose the conscious choice for the student of a post-diploma vocational education.

The offered courses are always preceded by an Orientation are conducted in blended learning format, through a schedule that combines different tools: e-learning; classroom work with the teacher or subject area expert; and laboratory activities.

The lessons will take place in classes composed of a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 14 students, at the Saint Louis buildings, which will provide wide classrooms and the required instrumentation for the didactic development.

Three tracks to choose from:

The student, involved in group lessons and music ensemble labs, will be able to acquire the tools of analysis, music criticism, pitch development and basic small ensemble arrangement skills. In addition, the student will be able to develop the ability to interact within an ensemble, dealing with all possible problems arising from the shared study of a repertoire, with particular attention to one's role within the band.

Through a theoretical and design approach, the students will be able to get in touch with what life is like in the studio of today's applied music composer:

· theoretical overview related to working inside an applied music studio

· the figure of the applied music composer in Italy

· the different paths between videogames and films

This will be followed by a project phase that will allow students to work on a given scene through the stages of a project: conception, composition, realization and post-production, understanding what tools to choose and what time to use while keeping well in mind the differences between composition for film and videogames.

The course offers students a hands-on experience of the cardinal instruments of this musical genre. Starting from a historical, technical-theoretical overview of the applications to the various musical genres, also through the preliminary analysis of some of the most representative tracks; students will get to know and experiment with the software provided by the school, up to visualizing on a grid (and in parallel on a staff) the main subdivisions. Thanks to the continuous support of the teacher, students will learn how to record, synthesize, sample, use loops, through the learning of some basic features, arriving at composing a beat according to their genre of belonging, with particular attention to the stylistic refinements, synthesis, arrangement and mix techniques to be used: the personal originality of each student will obviously play a fundamental role.

For more information about Orientation Days dedicated to high schools and PCTOs, write to Claudia Gregori: claudia@slmc.it

Among the institutes that have entered into an agreement to implement PCTO at Saint Louis: Liceo Coreutico DAF, Roma – Liceo delle Scienze Umane e Liceo Musicale “Santa Rosa da Viterbo” , Viterbo – Liceo “Giordano Bruno, Roma – Superione Cine TV Rossellini Institute of Education, Roma – Liceo Statale Rechichi of Polistena, Reggio Calabria, Human Sciences High School/ Musical "Isabella D'Este" of Mantua.

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