From May 2nd, Saint Louis opens the renewal of enrollments for the following academic year until fulfillment of available places.

Every year, starting from May 2nd, it is possible to take advantage of various concessions by pre-registering for the following academic year, starting from September, for pre-academic courses, 1st and 2nd cycle academic courses and courses Custom Jazz & Popular Music, Sound Engineering, Electronic Music, Composition and Film Scoring.

Pre-enrolling in the month of May allows everyone, both those who are already students and those attending Saint Louis for the first time, to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • reduced registration fee
  • priority in choosing the teacher and the lesson time slot
  • greater possibility to customize one's own classes calendar (reserved only for those who register by May 31st)

To enroll in personalized and pre-academic courses, fill out the form on this page in the "Next Steps" section.

Per l’iscrizione ai corsi accademici di I e II livello, è necessario compilare anche la domanda di admission to academic courses entro il 30 aprile (Next steps -> Ammissione corsi accademici)

Next Steps:

The pre-enrollment procedure is different for new students and for students already enrolled at Saint Louis:

New Students

If this is your first time enrolling at Saint Louis

First, consult the site on the DIDACTIC SECTION to understand which type of course you intend to attend: Pre-academic, Academic or Custom.

- Fill out the form relating to the type of chosen course by clicking on one of the following links

Admission to academic courses

Pre-Academic Enrollment

Custom course enrollment

For pre-academic and custom courses, within 24 hours of sending the form, you will receive by email the information and instructions for completing the online registration which will be effective at the time of payment of the registration fee (by bank transfer)

Students already enrolled

If you are a student already enrolled at Saint Louis

To continue in the Pre-Academic, 1st and 2nd cycle Academic courses, Custom courses.

Enrollment request form

Webform for students from pre-academic courses who want to access academic courses and for students from 1st cycle academic courses who want to access 2nd cycle academic courses.

Admission to academic courses

Within 24 hours, you will receive by email the instructions for completing the registration

Blended and on campus learning

Among the innovations introduced starting from the academic year 2020/21, the possibility of following one or more subjects by videoconference, without the need to go to the physical Roman venues.
Ampliata tutta la pratica di musica di insieme in sede, con oltre 120 ensemble e orchestre residenti, progetti artistici da ideare produrre in team negli studi del Saint Louis, settimane full-immersion di song-writing, jam-session con jazzisti di fama e tutto ciò che nasce da incontri, scambi, sodalizi artistici, creatività collettiva e informazioni su new intensive courses.
Forte dell’esperienza maturata negli anni, anche durante il lockdown di marzo 2020 e le successive restrizioni dovute all’attuale emergenza sanitaria in corso, la didattica al Saint Louis non si è mai fermata, svolgendo, come da indicazioni del Miur, alcune attività didattiche in sede ed altre online, consentendo sempre a tutti gli allievi di completare l’anno accademico, sia nel monte ore di lezioni sia nelle competenze da acquisire, senza perdere il contatto quotidiano con docenti e compagni di studi.

For any information you can contact or book an appointment on the telephone or on site with the staff.

All Saint Louis offices are equipped with supports to counteract viral spread, such as masks, disinfectant devices, plexiglass spacers as well as the daily sanitation of environments and air according to the ISS COVID-19 Report no. 5/2020 - Interim indications for the prevention and management of indoor environments in relation to the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. Version of 23 March 2020.