Equipment loan and classroom booking

Loan of equipment to students

The Saint Louis provides students, at each of its locations, with the necessary equipment for the conduct of lessons, personal study and group tests. This instrumentation includes: cables, adapters, microphones, headphones, earphones, musical instruments (bass, guitar, double bass), drum sticks, sustain pedals and keyboard power supplies.

Each object is marked with an NFC code that allows you to register the loan made to the student and check the return, which must take place by the student himself at the end of the activity carried out or in any case by the end of the same day.

N.B. Starting from March 2020, following the current health emergency situation and with a view to limiting the spread of the infection from Covid-19, the lending service of equipment by the teaching secretariat is suspended.

Equipment loan and classroom booking

How to book classrooms for personal study and group tests

It is possible for students enrolled in the current academic year to book classrooms for individual study and group tests, according to the following methods

  • It is possible to book the classrooms from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 23:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:30; the timetable may vary during particular periods of the year (eg in the summer months and during the teaching hours).
  • the reservation of a classroom after 20:00 is possible only 48 hours in advance; it is therefore not possible, for example, to book a classroom from 20:00 to 22:00 for the same evening or the following evening;
  • reservations are made online, both for personal study and group tests, using the "Classroom Reservations" archive on the Saint Louis website ( link ) or through the dedicated apps Saint Louis App and Jazzup
  • it is possible to book classrooms for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours and no more than 8 hours per week for pre-academic and academic students and 6 hours per week for custom students;
  • the system accepts bookings up to a maximum of 8 days to follow (for example, on Monday it will be possible to book the classrooms until the Monday of the following week);
  • the student, before entering the reserved classroom, must go to the secretariat to confirm their presence with the badge (starting from 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after the booked time). If the student does not use the reserved classroom, arrives with a delay of more than 15 minutes or forgets to pass the badge, he will be subject to automatic halving of the booking time for the following two weeks;
  • any improper use of the booking, such as booking in the name of another student, makes it completely impossible to use the classrooms for 6 months, both for those who used the classroom and for the student who provided their credentials;
  • if the student is accompanied by former students or external persons, each of them will have to pay € 5.00 for each hour of booking;
  • as per internal regulations, it is not possible to bring food and drinks into the classrooms; students are invited to leave the classroom in order and with the same equipment found when entering the classroom.

NB. Following the current health emergency situation and with a view to limiting the spread of the infection from Covid-19, the Management reserves the right to modify the regulation and / or introduce further limitations (e.g. the maximum number of people present in the classroom, exhibition of the Green Pass, etc.)