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Appunti di fonia a simple, clear and fluent book that illustrates the complex topics inherent to live and studio speech.

A vademecum for the beginner who approaches this world, but also an excellent "index of topics" for those who already work and want to rearrange their ideas.

Appunti di fonia The peculiarity of this book is that it was modeled starting from the frontal teaching work with the students, carried out collectively for many years. This means that the expositions of the arguments, the clarifications, the underlining, have been chosen and built starting from doubts, questions, requests, coming from the students themselves.

The authors

Marzia Bulli and Alberto Recchia they have been collaborating for some time, since 1991-92. At the time, there was no school dealing with these topics in Rome, or, as far as I know, in Italy.
The decision we made was to structure a collective work, with the aim of building an overall path, taking care of the joints and synchronization between the topics covered by the different subjects.

There are hundreds of students who have studied with us during these 23 years.
This book certainly does not want to replace direct dialogue with them, which is the heart of our business, but it undoubtedly represents an important support.

Luca Proietti

Sound Engineer Academic Courses Coordinator, Saint Louis