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Atome Primitif | Three Years Three Days

Category: Urban 49

Azzurra Giorgi : voice
Clelia Patrono : guitars, programming Giacomo Ferrera: bass
Claudio Cicchetti : drums

The original music project Atome Primitif | Three Years Three Days: was born in 2007 from the common passion of three young musicians: Azzurra, Clelia and Giacomo, connected by the research of refined sounds and electronics. The songs produced are the result of a close collaboration: Clelia prepares the guitars and the electronic atmospheres, Giacomo's bass lines outline the emotions and Azzurra's subtle and refined voice closes the circle of magic. Atome Primitif's live debut | Three Years Three Days took place in March 2008 with the help of the drummer Claudio Cicchetti, which then became an integral part of the band.