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Bravo Baboon | Live all’ Auditorium a Roma


The live hosted Rosario Giuliani and Javier Girotto
In parallel with this process, they give their personal tribute to tradition by working on songs from the jazz and popular world.



Category: Camilla Records

Bravo Baboon, live at the Auditorium parco della musica in Rome

Bravo Baboon Their work is focused on the creation of original pieces, through which they undertake a search for rhythmic solutions based on the concept of metric subordination and modulation.

Recorded in September 2015 in Rome (Auditorium Parco della Musica), Maastricht (Conservatorium Maastricht) and Helsinki (Metropolia Hall).

Bravo Baboom live alla Casa del Jazz.

Amedeo Tommasi

"... The sound of this trio is particular and refined. You can feel the continuous research and the rhythm is the best among these young artists..."

Marco Siniscalco

"... The Atrìo. they make music that is pure energy. Rhythmic energy and melodic energy(...) In the succession of dynamics there is a universal musical awareness that immediately captures the listener ..."