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VOLUME ONE | Educational book for guitar

Guitar collection of two-part pieces, the first part is based on a guitar adaptation of the harmonic concert of the 9 chord families taught by Dick Grove.

As for the modal aspect, I try to highlight the horizontal melodic approach on the single strings often unfairly neglected in the study of the guitar.
The second part of the method concerns the most fascinating aspect of the guitar in my opinion: polyphonic improvisation.

The material collected here comes directly from the school of George van Eps, a great little-known genius of the guitar, as some have defined him.

It is a collection of polyphonic mechanisms to be developed on all grades of the major and minor scales, the practice of which leads to a development of the independence of the fingers and of the contrapuntal skills.

The guitar thus becomes a small orchestra, a small pianforte in our hands and can thus fully express its potential.

I want to clarify that this method is not a "do it yourself" but a teaching aid whose use should be supported by a valid teacher.


Guitar collection of two-part pieces, this is a collection of somewhat unusual classical guitar music.
Generally, the classical guitar anthologies assemble pieces of various genres, sharing the same level of executive and interpretative difficulty.

In this case, however, what unites the pieces I have chosen is the characteristic of having a contrapuntal structure with two voices.
In fact, I think it is very useful for those wishing to undertake the study of polyphonic improvisation to have a large number of examples of two-voice counterpoint taken from classical literature.

The pieces are organized in chronological order, crossing all musical periods: this second volume deals with the classical, romantic and modern period. Even those who do not have "polyphonic ambitions" can use this material to develop, in a pleasant way, sight reading, since the fingerings of the two-part pieces are quite easy and instinctive.

I salute you and wish you much joy and love in studying and playing this wonderful instrument that is there guitar.

Dario Lapenna
teacher of Saint Louis College of Music