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Swan | Diego Swan's first CD


First studio and recording work of the very young Diego Cignitti, aka DIEGO SWAN, singer-songwriter and guitarist from the capital. He carries twenty-two years of experience and hard work.



Category: Camilla Records

Produced by Saint Louis in Rome with the label "Camilla Records", a production center and studio entirely dedicated to the most interesting new proposals.

Diego Swan

A combination of musical genres makes him unique: from rock to blues, from electronics to pop. He captures the audience with his leather suitcase full of clothes and songs, which twist the listeners from the first notes, with an original, ironic and completely personal perspective that he gives to fantastic stories he tells.

Energetic and staggering poetry between rock and blues, stories of urban life set on the beat.
The richness and depth of Diego's lyrics leaves nothing to chance so everyone can be able to navigate through his images and see the reflection of the own personal life experiences.

And, all of a sudden, Diego climbs walls of sound, shoots bottle-neck and wha-wha guitars straight in the face, sometimes shelters behind echoes and enveloping reverbs to escape boredom.
Diego Swan really spent everything to dress up his songs, scrambling his surf-guitar without leaving grooves on the sand.

The chords inside and out of the tonality, the crumpled pages of the books he literally devoured, and the singular faces of the people he met on his long journeys are his artistic fuel.

The single chosen for the promotion is the third track of the album "E' in moto l'universo" (The universe is moving) and certainly will not stop. (More information)