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Donatella Luttazzi Amedeo Tommasi trio I Love You Chet

Category: Camilla Records

Donatella Luttazzi "I was a dialogueist in the dubbing. At the age of fifteen I sang accompanying me with the guitar, perhaps it was the guitar that accompanied me. I was lucky enough to sing with Irio De Paula. Maurizio Giammarco, Giancarlo Maurino, as children accompanied me with their breath .. I don't know if they would admit it today..

ASh, I was often accompanied with the piano by Lelio Luttazzi, who by the way is my father. Perhaps it's more appropriate to say "it was my father". In fact, no, he is my father, and always will be. I studied singing with Mrs. Lucia Vinardo, who allowed me to sing Rossini and Schubert as well, with good results, it seems.

Then, the the arrangement studies allowed me to build for four voices the arrangements of many songs by my dad, Lelio, of which some were unknown to me, beautiful. I never boasted of being his daughter when I was little. Indeed, a form of reservation made me answer those who wondered if Donatella Luttazzi was the daughter of LL. : "Well, yes... but..." In short, I never took advantage of his name, never!

Then over the years, and becoming a substitute, you want to go back to the roots: I take the scores of my dad, the so-called "mandolini", and between tears, I understood that there are beautiful songs, some more than the others, and I thanked heaven because the study of music allowed me to understand these things. I created the female group "Zebre a Pois", female because I was used to singing in an all-female chamber music group, and then also because is more choreographic... and I fought against the difficulty represented by the fact that there is not a bass that can reach precisely the low key... even Lelio said that the bass in an arrangement is fundamental, if not, it seems that "the table had no legs"... this thing of "the legs", I invented it... In sum, to make a long story short, I enjoyed transforming what were basically songs, coloring them with jazz, because jazz was the real passion of my dad, Lelio.