Ear training 3 and advanced on the pentatonic scales


FORMAT / handouts
Includes audio material / melodic dictations

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Ear training this book assumes the knowledge of all the intervals, diatonic and chromatic, and is interested in more complex morphological aspects: scales, modes, "triads and sevenths" chords, modulations "to near and far tones" , the shapes. The text is developed in three parts. The first part is preparatory: it contains exercises and chants on the major and minor scales, on the modes of the major scale and a study on the various types of chords, triads and sevenths.

Ear training, the second part focuses on classic styles and schemes through the study of chants with modulations to the near tones, to the distant tones and 2-voice chants.

The third part focuses on the structural elements typical of modern music through the study of melodies built on pentatonic scales, on blues scales (including octophonic scales, locrie and superlocrie) and on the characteristic forms of jazz music (turn around, blues, rhithm changes ).

Antonio Solimene
teacher of Saint Louis College of Music