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Eddy Palermo | Brincando entre amigos (Jumping with Friends)


Eddy Palermo adds in the world of his swing, a very personal interpretation of understanding Brazilian music like few others can.



Category: Jazz collection

Eddy Palermo | Brincando entre amigos: the CD mixes the sounds and atmospheres characteristic of South America with those of jazz, this has led us back, ideally, to the recordings of Joe Pass dedicated to Latin America.

In the Italian panorama of jazz guitarists, in particular those who refer to the tradition of bebop, the figure of Eddy Palermo is undoubtedly one of the most authoritative.

But let's get into it deeply: in this CD, his latest record work, he has brought together, as he tells us in the subtitle, his "amigos (friends)", the guitarist returns to his old passion, Brazilian music.

In fact, those who have listened to Eddy Palermo, even once, can not help but notice that his language, while not devoid of Bensonian echoes, explicitly refers to the great lesson of Joe Pass. The great familiarity that Eddy Palermo has with his instrument allows him to always express an extreme executive clarity.

In this production, we can appreciate "Luiza" by Jobim, in which Palermo mixes a remarkable technical expertise with a great ability to express the right "saudade" that the song requires, and in which we are able to say, without rhetoric, that it does not make us regret that giant of the Brazilian guitar that was Baden Powell.

The choice of repertoire obviously takes into account the tradition of the great Brazilian authors, such as Tom Jobim and Milton Nascimento, but there are also interpretations of standards revisited in bossanova style.

Collaborations and credits

"The typically Brazilian voice of Pery Ribeiro in "Samba de Verao", as well as the prestigious collaboration with Toninho Horta, provide this album with an unmistakable imprint, typically Brazilian-jazz. Congratulations to our musician and to all the ones who will take a chance to appreciate the CD, good listening to all those who do not want to miss the opportunity to enrich their collection with this record.

Italy is traditionally the country of great artists. Among these, musicians, composers and performers have a place in the Olympus of Art, who have left an important mark in the history of Music. Among the great contemporary performers I was lucky enough to know and above all the honor of playing with an internationally renowned artist like Eddy Palermo, a jazz guitar virtuoso and not only.

His spontaneous way of playing is expressed with great technical skill and with an exceptional speed of execution that leaves intact and enjoyable all the sensitivity and musicality of which the Maestro is capable of. In improvisation, phrasing fascinates the audience for his refined taste and imaginative creativity.

Eddy Palermo | "Brincando entre amigos": to all this Eddy adds, wrapped in the world of his swing, a very personal interpretation of understanding Brazilian music like few others. Understandable, therefore, the enthusiasm and honor, felt for having taken part in his last CD and the joy that he gave me and that makes me shout "Long live Eddy who plays with his heart"!"

A hug and good luck.
Toninho Horta

Antônio Maurício Horta de Melo, known as Toninho Horta (Belo Horizonte, December 2, 1948), is a Brazilian guitarist and composer.
He is considered a prominent member of the famous Minas Gerais music school. In 1977 and the following year, he was included by the specialized magazine "Melody Maker" among the ten best guitarists in the world.