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Emilio Merone | Sys2 quartet “Element”



Category: Jazz collection

“It was a pleasure working with Luca and Emilio Merone.
The session was very relaxed and effortless and that allowed the music to flow in a very natural way.
Italy has been producing some very high level musicians for a long time.
Luca and Emilio are at the top of the heap.”

Antonio Sanchez

Emilio Merone

In 1990 he began to perform in clubs in Campania with various mainly jazz-style formations. Since 1998, he has lived and worked in Rome where he began an intense concert activity. In 2005, he published, for the Carisch publishing house, a method for piano entitled "Piani incrociati (Crossed planes)" in which he demonstrated how much classical music is present in modern music. In the same year he founded the group "Black Corner" with which he performed songs of various kinds, from pop to jazz. With this formation,he performed in June 2006 at the Auditorium parco della musica.

With the collaboration of Virginia Fabbri, an ambitious original music project: "Croma Nova" was born, which received public and critical awards, including the "Critics' Prize" and the "Parole e Musica" award of the IX edition of the "Spazio Giovani" competition. Since 2005 he has been the pianist of Sandy Muller. In 2006 he participated in the CD "Linha" by Sandy Muller, recorded in Rio de Janeiro in November. In 2007, he founded together with Daniele Giovannoni the Edizioni Musicali Crisalide. In 2007, he was cast as accordionist in the album by Fabrizio Cardosa "Cronopios, Famas e Speranze" published by his publishing house Crisalide. In 2007 he recorded at System Two in New York the album "Element" under his name alsongside luca Nostro with Scott Colley on double bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums. In 2008, Michel Petrucciani's omnibook, his second book for Carisch, was published worldwide.

Luca Nostro

He is an Italian guitarist and composer. He lives between Rome and New York. He has been studying piano since the age of 10. Later he moved on to classical and modern guitar studies. In 1998, he graduated from the University of Music in Rome, specializing in jazz with Fabio Zeppetella. He participated in numerous seminars on improvisation. He studied among others with Massimo Moriconi, Giovanni Tommaso, Danilo Rea, Maurizio Giammarco, Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Sferra. He teaches guitar and music history. He holds professorship of philosophy of music.