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Enzo Pietropaoli | Duolosophy vol.1


The meeting between Enzo Pietropaoli and Emanuele Rastelli was decisive in both directions and thus began a stimulating musical adventure.



Category: Jazz collection

What pushed them was a sort of "duo philosophy" not intended as something reductive, but as an authentic goal. The repertoire, recently accompanied by the release of the CD, included mainly original compositions but also reinterpretations of classics such as Brahms' and Corelli's, interpreted with rigor or revisited in an unpredictable way and always developed through the language of jazz improvisation.

For some time the two musicians, who have always preferred small formations, cultivated the need to try their hand in a duo's formation, not as a solution, like "in the absence of ..." but as a real expressive urgency. Enzo Pietropaoli, with the clarity of the sound, the deep expression that can make the strings of the soul vibrate and nevertheless the creative freedom that can be had expressing the self with a single other musician are more difficult to obtain with numerous organics. Enzo Pietropaoli had an idea of sound that was already close to maturity as well as a part of the repertoire, they just had to find the right adventure companion, not an easy task.

Emanuele Rastelli

He gets his first awards as a great accordionist, in between the most eclectic on the international scene, winning the "44th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon" in 1994 and the "International Prize City of Castelfidardo" in 1996, an occasion in which he received two special awards: out of 950 musicians from all over the world he was recognized as "Best Talent" and as "Best Performer in the Netherlands".