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Flowing Chords directed by Margherita Flore



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They present their first recording work at the Alcazar in Rome together with two extraordinary artists of the Italian black scene: Davide Shorty and Ainè. Flowing Chords is a choral project born initially among some students of the Saint Louis College of Music under the direction of M ° Margherita Flore.

Flowing Chords

The choir has participated in several musical events, including the Caffeina Jazz Festival in Viterbo, in collaboration with Saint Louis College of Music at the Festa di Roma at the Lungotevere San Gallo together with internationally renowned artists, has performed also at the Teatro Eliseo, at the Teatro Don Bosco in Fabriano, at the Cineteatro San Filippo Neri in San Benedetto del Tronto , at the Domus Ciancaleoni, at the Forte dei Borgia in Nepi, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rimini, at the Auditorium parco della musica and continues to perform in some of the most renowned clubs in Rome and theaters in Italy, as well as at choral festivals such as the Musicantium and Harmonika at the ex Dogana.

They have also collaborated with groups such as Dumbo Station, VEMM, The Butterfly Club, Laterath and ACo – Adriano Meliffi in concerts and recordings. Between 2017 and 2018 they performed at the MIUR at the "Nessun Parli", at the "Digital Christmas" and at the "Notte dei Musei"; in the same period the choir took part in two episodes of the television program "Domenica in" together with the orchestra of M° Luigi Saccà.