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Giovanni Tommaso | Apogeo

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John Thomas | Apogeo "I often say that jazz is not only a musical style, but also a lifestyle. For this reason, behind the musical choices there are also existential motivations.

In these last 2 years I have matured the idea of forming APOGEO and I have begun to throw down musical ideas, but I have deliberately and patiently waited for 2007 to start this new adventure in the thirtieth anniversary that separates me from the dissolution of the analogous group PERIGEO, as if the game of numbers had a meaning.

John Thomas | Apogeo The organic, in this case exquisitely acoustic (guitar aside), is the same but with different elements. This stimulated me even more to find a new sound (there is never an end to the search). The only real analogy with "Perigeo" is a certain effrontery in ranging from more or less conventional thematic forms to harder forms both rhythmically and harmonically.

The criteria that guided me in the choice of musicians is always the same: talent, ductility, human depth and enthusiasm. Instinct has always guided me, and perhaps that is why my groups have held out for a long time as it shown in this project too.

My esteem and gratitude to these wonderful musicians.
Daniele Scannapieco on sax, Bebo Ferra on guitar, Claudio Filippini on piano and Anthony Pinciotti on drums." Thank you.

To my family. Kelly, David, Vivian, Jasmine and Jonah for their support and encouragement.
They have always been my biggest fans. Daniele, Bebo, Claudio and Anthony. You are fabulous!

You immersed yourself in my music as if you had always played it, from the very beginning. When we did the first rehearsal in 2007, I had the impression that APOGEO was a real group! Stefano Mastruzzi, thank you for believing in our music. Also, thanks to Laura for the sincere friendship shown in all these years.

Giovanni Tommaso
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