Jazz moment thirty years of jazz in Saint Louis

Jazz moment Thirty years of jazz, Saint Louis is a great cultural reality that has come down to the present day through a long historical period. Fruit and at the same time amplifier of the artists sons of the seventies. He lived and suffered the creative crisis of the Eighties, between nostalgic quotes from the past decade and an excessive use of electronics:

In search of something that had very little new, she landed, at the end of the millennium, at an apparent rediscovery of tradition.
To a dimension of pure and cultured creativity at the same time, to a renewed taste for experiencing Jazz no longer in smoky semi-underground clubs, but in theaters and concert halls.

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Since 1976 the Saint Louis has ridden, often led, sometimes directed the jazz phenomenon towards new objectives and languages.
A visionary temple of music that was able to welcome the first true pioneers of Jazz with the same spirit

Musicians and the public, but also those who over the years have approached it at times out of trend or out of curiosity. Sometimes driven by a healthy interest.

Today the Saint Louis is a Jazz School with over fourteen hundred students from all over Italy and Europe, with three locations in the heart of Rome, but it is also an artistic and management agency, a record label " Jazz Collection ", As well as editor of an educational series and of" Italian Jazz Real Book “, The first anthology of Italian Jazz scores distributed all over the world.

Jazz moment thirty years of jazz in this publication we have collected unpublished sounds and images, some signed by professionals others by improvised witnesses, unconsciously aware of living a fleeting moment that no media will ever be able to reproduce, a musical moment where extemporaneous creation the artist was fed by the perceptible energy of a sincere audience, an inspired and overwhelming moment, a moment of Jazz.

Stefano Mastruzzi,
Headmaster of Saint Louis College of Music