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Laura Lala | Pure songs


Pure Songs is a project born from the love for the communicative and emotional capacity of a melody, whether it comes from jazz or from the vast and varied heritage of music styles that each of us accumulates and preserves over the years.



Category: Jazz collection

Music by Laura Lala | Pure songs are the source of inspiration for the writing of the texts, which are therefore closely linked to them, depend on them and are the fruit.

The project was also born from the friendship and collaboration between two musicians, Laura Lala (singer, author of some music and all the lyrics) and Sade Mangiaracina (pianist and author of some music), who they discovered to share, in addition to the love for the jazz and improvisation, the same passion for "songs" and to attribute great value to the lyrics, interpretation that the artists put into it as the execution of it and its composition in English and Sicilian, a dialect that belongs to the culture and roots of both.

Laura Lala | Pure songs, because for some time I have been reflecting on the concept of purity, understood as sincerity, honesty, which are the greatest gifts that, in my opinion, jazz singninghas left us; I talked about it with Sade and from the encounter with her music this idea became a project. The use of the Sicilian dialect is not the result of a rational choice but instinctively, it represents identity."

Laura Lala