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Memorization of the book on the practice of arpeggios.

For a correct memorization and practice of the arpeggios, we decided to use an application path in which the difficulties increase progressively. Starting therefore from the so-called "broken" arpeggios, in which the passage of the thumb is not yet foreseen, we arrive at linear arpeggios built on two octaves. Book on the practice of arpeggios It should be emphasized that the fingerings for the linear arpeggios of the triads can be different, so it is not uncommon to identify significant differences between the various texts on the market.

Emilio Merone

Very talented musician. Pianist, composer, arranger, music producer. 18 discs to the credit. Graduated from the conservatory in classical piano and various diplomas in jazz piano and arrangement. For Carisch he wrote a method for piano "Crossed planes" and the omnibook by Petrucciani. Various television and theatrical performances.

He has collaborated and recorded (Abbey Road Studios - London, System Two - Brooklyn, Drum - Rio de Janeiro) with various artists around the world including Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Jaques Morelnbaum, Marcelo Costa, Janine Johnson, Sarah Jane Morris, Gigi Proietti, Blacks by chance, Sandy Muller, Milk and its derivatives, Fabrizio Cardosa, Eddy Palermo.

Listen, Sys2 quartet “Element”