Marco Manusso | Bella Mattì




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Category: Camilla Records, PUBLICATION 2018

Marco Manusso | Bella Mattì: la vita passa, l’amore no (life passes by, love stays).
This wonderful album, which you'll never want to stop listening to, in which the guitars and the orchestra come together in an admirable balance of lines, voices and sounds – it's a cry in the air. The crying of a man who lost a son. A man who falls into a pain indescribable in words, and watches helplessly as the natural order of things overturns. It should be the children, in fact, who bury the fathers, not the other way around.

Marco Manusso | Bella Mattì. Only time – thanks to the providential complicity of music and a new muse – will be able to make of that crying a song. Mattia said goodbye to his life and to his father almost ten years ago – a few days before his twenty-third birthday – and only today Marco Manusso (one of the most gracious guitarist that have ever accompanied and embellished the best Italian pop artist: De Gregori, Dalla, Ron, Locasciulli, Morandi, Patty Pravo, Renato Zero, Alex Britti, to name a few, without forgetting Ray Charles, Bob Brozman and Tommy Emmanuel) manages to transform that crying into song, giving life to an elegy of rare intensity, depth, lightness and beauty.

(Giuseppe Cesaro)