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Marco Rinalduzzi 1+90


CD double



Category: Urban 49

Among the Marco Rinalduzzi's "friends" present in this work there are reknown names such as Mike Francis, Amii Stewart, Derek Wilson, Antonello Venditti, Alex Baroni, GeGè Telesforo, Nick The Nightfly, Danilo Rea, Rita Marcotulli, Stefano Di Battista, Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Luca Jurman, Beppe Vessicchio and others that are listed later.

He is a "PURE ARTIST", one of the "old guard", of those who do NOT trade music and art for anything but passion, attitude, discipline, professionalism and a lot of love for music itself.

Marco Rinalduzzi, a few years ago, decided to work on his own "recording project", produced by himself and by Stefano Mastruzzi,. This work is a sort of "summary" of his 35-year career made up of great productions and collaborations with the most important Italian and international artists and to realize and record it, the artist called "90 friends", between musicians and artists, to record 35 songs that will then be enclosed in a Double Album entitled "1 + 90", (in fact, he + his 90 friends) with the Urban 49 label, an independent label that belongs to Saint Louis College Of Music in Rome.

About this Double Album Rinalduzzi said:
"Recording this album was a very tiring experience, but definitely fantastic! Choose the most significant pieces of my life, of the authors and artists I loved the most, from Jimi Hendrix to Paul McCartney and the Beatles, from James Taylor to Cannonball Adderley, from Van Morrison to Rufus Thomas, from Sam Cook to Curtis Maynfield, from Deep Purple to McCoy Tyner, to all the black music, up to the talented Italian songwriters, it was an exciting journey through time that has greatly enriched my journey."