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MARinARIA: the musicians of the sextet come from different background stories and formations and yet they sing with Paola the songs, involved in the original intent of the project: to strongly affirm the identity of an active Southern Italy: fervent, rich in ideas and capable of great innovation, ready to sublimate the deep wounds of its history to make them sources of poetic and musical inspiration.

Paola Petrosillo songs and vocals
Valerio Daniele musicalization and guitars
Giorgio Distante trumpet
Camillo Pace double bass
Giancarlo Pagliara accordion
Vito De Lorenzi percussion and drums

Special guests:
Roberta Mazzotta violin
Roberto Chiga tambourine

With its gaze insinuated in the depths of the sea and the mind always lightened by the north wind, MARinARIA wants to propose itself as a possible, personal synthesis of the varied experiences and traditions of the Mediterranean people, looking for new and characterizing linguistic solutions.

All of it emerged from the songs of Paola Petrosillo (Brindisi) and the arrangements of Valerio Daniele (Lecce). The project aims to navigate beyond the idea of genre to land in a new landscape where the sound of language has already a meaning and music is already a word in rhyme.
Singing in dialect is a cry of the soul suspended between intimate thoughts and reflections on contemporaneity. Music is a game of sounds at the mercy of the winds of tradition and modernity, between jazz, rock and the avant-garde.