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Mario Nappi trio | Vela


"Vela" (meaning "sailing") is the concrete proof of the artistic growth of a promise of the italian jazz piano.



Category: Jazz collection

Mario Nappi trio | Vela Is composed not only by Mario Nappi on piano but also by two other young musicians, Corrado Cirillo on double bass and Luca Mignano on drums, a young trio, of fresh perception, with improvisational geometries that recall the language of African-American Jazz bringing it back to the present day with a certain naturalness and maturity; the final result is a continuous syncretism between African-American tradition, Neapolitan, and modernity, between interplay and the breath of the trio in its entirety as a single living being, there is also a late-Romantic compositional vein to testify to the Eurocentric matrix that unites the three young people of the national jazz scene. A breath of freshness and new sounds.

Mario Nappi trio | Vela Winners of the Chicco Bettinardi award of the Piacenza Jazz Festival 2013 new talents of Italian jazz and audience award,
winners of theEuropean Jazz Contest 2013 held in Maastricht (Netherlands).
Mario Nappi is also the winner of the Best Soloist award at the Fara Festival 2013; Bergamo Jazz 2014 and best arrangement on a given theme.

The Neapolitan musician, together with the two inseparable companions of adventure, Corrado Cirillo on double bass and Luca Mignano on drums, realized a CD containing eight songs, five of which are compositions of his own. Nappi expressed himself through a calibrated soloism, adorned with sudden chromatic sprints.

The tandem Cirillo – Mignano supported him punctually with a tight and dragging swing. The theme of Vela, evokes poignant images of landscapes that touch the strings of the soul. An album to listen to while contemplating the horizon.

"Mario Nappi and his trio invite us to enter with notes and mischievous looks. First they distort the precarious harmony of everyday life, then they reconstruct for us an impalpable, dreamy and fantastic world where everyone remains suspended, but surprised, inspired and finally enraptured by an atavistic and overwhelming song until the last note ... as an emotion... it's just a long silence that reminds us that the record is over.


" Essentiality, subtraction, respect for pauses, reflection between sentences, spatiality between the moments of saying and thinking. These are the aspects, often ignored in this historical moment, that characterize Mario Nappi's latest musical effort.