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Our Portraits | Nicola Di Tommaso 4et



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I have always thought that a musician in itself does not exist, but that it is rather part of something that passes through it, that crosses the music itself.

Our Portraits | Nicola Di Tommaso 4et: With the tracks of this album I wanted to trace my personal story represented by an open frame, a sign of the continuous transformations and infinite possibilities that characterize jazz and life itself. The music I have listened to and known to date is a fundamental part of this open line that I have traced.

Nicola di Tommaso

He began studying the guitar at a young age. He graduated in theory and solfeggio at the Conservatory "Alfredo Casella" of L'Aquila and obtained the diploma on classical guitar at the Conservatory "Giulio Briccialdi" of Terni, under the guidance of the Maestro Stefano Mastruzzi, and Leonardo Gallucci.

Going through various rock music experiences, he became passionate about jazz, which later became his main studio. He studied with Nicola Cordisco at the "Thelonius Monk" in Campobasso, at "Saint Louis College of Music" in Rome first with Eddy Palermo, then with Dario La penna. He perfected himself with Maestro Umberto Fiorentino at the Licino Refice Conservatory in Frosinone, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz. He has performed as front man with his quartet and with different formations, within Italian and international festivals and exhibitions. (Official website)

Our Portraits | Nicola Di Tommaso 4et

Nicola amazes because of the great coherence and jazz awareness, with original compositions that leave great space to innovation and stylistic contaminations, elements that are rooted in the strength and stability of great jazz.

The musicians are among the important names of the new Roman scene: distinguished for them style, technical ability and originality. The sound of the quartet, musically active since 2008, is characterized by the strong interaction between guitar and sax. Daniele Tittarelli's alto saxophone binds perfectly with the musical idea, developing the thematic material with counterpoints and melodic joints.

Enrico Morello's drums and Francesco Galatro's double bass create a solid and powerful rhythm section. Aware of tradition, he bases his own playing on modern polyrhythms. Stylistically, the quartet's music approaches contemporary American jazz and, without forgetting its origins, inscribed it in the wake of its most recent transformations, adding a European breath.

In the tracks there is an alternation of thematic lyricism and complex atmospheres, in which various musical styles coexist. Improvisation, nourished by the wise interplay between the musicians; it remains the characterizing and predominant element, completing the sound of the group.