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I think that this piano jazz text book can be a valid practical and functional guide for those who want to undertake the study of "modern" harmony. Proceeding gradually and progressively, in fact, leads the student to deal with increasingly complex harmonic criteria. I really hope that piano jazz libro can help you on this journey.

Stefano Sabatini
lecturer at the Saint Louis College of Music

Stefano Sabatini

Versatile and refined pianist and inspired composer. Stefano begins to gain his first experiences in the jazz field forming the group “Kaleidon” and playing with Tony Scott, Massimo Urbani and Maurizio Giammarco. He then moved to Los Angeles where he attended, after graduating, a course in Composition and Arrangement at the "Dick Grove School of music".

Also in Los Angeles he recorded a record in his name. With Californian musicians where he appears, among others, Chester Thompson, formerly of Weather Report and Frank Zappa. He has participated in numerous national and international events: Paris Festival, Nuremberg Festival, Umbria Jazz, Verona Festival, Pompeii Festival, Ivrea Festival, Atina Jazz Festival, Jazz and Image at Villa Celimontana.

He has recorded 7 discs in his name. In the field of Pop Music he collaborated with Eduardo de Crescenzo, Sergio Caputo, Tony Esposito, Mia Martini, Edoardo Bennato, Fabio Concato, Tullio de Piscopo and Teresa De Sio. He currently teaches Piano, Harmony and Improvisation.