Principles of Improvisation


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Principles of improvisation, analysis and application of dynamic mechanisms for melodic organization in jazz. The aim of this method is to guide in the progressive internalization of the foundations of the jazz language.

As in a grammar, the various elements (chromatic approaches, doubles, articulations, etc.) are analyzed and put into practice through specific exercises.

First you will learn to build solid lines based on chords and then manipulate, enrich and articulate them in ever-changing ways through the progressive insertion of grammatical elements that are gradually more complex. All this on the different types of dominant, on the main harmonic cells, cadences and substitutions.

Principles of Improvisation Ultimately, an extremely thorough guide on how to assimilate and use in practice the various chromatisms, approaches, articulations and methods deriving from bebop for the manipulation of scales and arpeggios.

In this manual, "the basic elements of improvisation, such as the different types of approaches, interpolations, melodic variations, bebop scales, etc. they are analyzed and put into practice with a large number of exercises designed specifically to allow everyone to find their own way of articulating and developing language.

Also very useful are the supplementary chapters dedicated to harmony with different exercises for practicing with various types of cadences and substitutions present in most jazz standards ".

Cristiano Mastroianni